Italian Ricotta Cookies With Chocolate

These ricotta cheese cookies are an easy adaptation to a classic Italian recipe, including butter and baking powder for soft and creamy cookies. They’re filled with decadent chocolate chips and rolled in granulated sugar with the option of adding icing, jam, glaze, or a frosting.

Preheat the oven to 350 F In a bowl of an electric stand mixer, add softened butter and sugar. Beat on low speed with an electric mixer and paddle attachment until combined and creamy. Stir in vanilla.

Add in the egg, beat again until combined, and then ricotta. Mix. In a separate bowl, combine flour, salt, and baking powder.

In 3 batches, add the dry ingredients to the wet ones and combine them with a spatula. If the batter is too thick, knead it with your hands.

And then fold the chocolate chips. Knead again until all combined and shaped into a large ball. The cookie dough should not be very sticky.

With a cookie scoop  (I used a 2-inch size), make 15 cookie balls. Dip each cookie ball into granulated sugar. Make sure these are coated thickly.

Line a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread the cookies in a single layer on the sheet and bake for 17 minutes until the edges become golden brown.

Transfer the ricotta chocolate chip cookies to a wire rack and cool before serving.

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